**RR Bridgestone Tires RR@ Laguna info on Jul 16, 2021 (387515) | MotorsportReg.com

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**RR Bridgestone Tires RR@ Laguna

**RR Bridgestone Tires RR@ Laguna


Friday, Jul 16 — Sunday, Jul 18, 2021
WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Salinas, CA

Registration closed July 18, 2021 7:00 AM at 2021-07-18T05:00:00-0700 Registration ends July 18, 2021 7:00 AM at 2021-07-18T05:00:00-0700 Registration opens May 7, 2021 3:00 AM at 2021-05-07T01:00:00-0700 Registration runs from May 7, 2021 3:00 AM to July 18, 2021 7:00 AM

Weathertech Raceway; Salinas, CA

PLEASE NOTE: This is a No Refund – No Credit event.  Once you pay for your entries, there will be no refunds and / or credits.


Race Schedule (Subject to change depending on weather)

The facility has a strict no pets in the paddock policy.

Move In / Move out

Move in:  Wednesday, July 14th 

8:00 AM: AHRMA Officials & Sponsors (Camping in the paddock is availabe for Officials & Sponsors only this night.)

Thursday, July 15th

7:00 AM: All AHRMA Competitors & Crew

Move out: Monday noon, no exceptions, ALL must be out of the paddock and garages.

Friday, July 16th

8:00 AM: Race School



There are a limited number of garages approximately 15’x30’ with power and two (2) roll up doors, available to move in after 5:00 pm Thursday, and out by 6:00 pm Sunday. Rent is $750 for the duration. Parking in the paddock directly across from the garages is reserved for the garage renters only. Your parking area is restricted to the width of your garage, so be nice to your neighbor. Don’t steal his space – if there are too many of your cars/trucks etc. to fit, then park a few vehicles at the designated park only area and walk or ride with your buddy. Garages can be reserved online in MSR when you register to race.

Paddock Space Assignments

This is going to be a very popular event and paddock space is first come first serve. NOTE: do not park across from the garages unless you rented one.  There are NO SHOWERS in the paddock.  There is NO POWER in the paddock. Camping is avaiable in the paddock for $25 per night.  Bring your QUIET generators …if too loud? It will be turned off and/or confiscated!

Sound restrictions for your bikes and anything with a motor

This is a STRICT 105 DB event. Three (3) strikes and your vehicle is out for the entire event weekend.  That means strikes accrue.  There is no re-set each day.

We will be conducting a sound check during Friday practice allowing three (3) attempts to pass the sound requirement. Saturday’s practice will allow for one (1) or possibly two (2) attempts. * Noncompliant motorcycles or side cars will not be allowed to race for the balance of the event.

You must practice with each vehicle you plan to use and pass the sound check in order to race; otherwise your machine will not be allowed on the grid. A machine in violation during the race may cause a stoppage of the entire race. If you are the cause, at the discretion of the RR directors and/or the Referee you may be ejected from the event and face potential added penalties if found in violation of the policies – i.e. if you didn’t practice and snuck out there anyway, or you made a change that affected sound levels after being found in compliance.

*Note: Depending on the weather and attendance, there may be only one (1) round of practice on Saturday and Sunday There will not be two (2) rounds either day.

Gate Fee: $40.00/all days; $30.00/two days (Saturday and Sunday); $20.00/one day (Sunday) 

Racers, crew and family can pre-purchase paddock credentials or pay on-site.  Upon arrival, there will be a designated area to pick up your credentials, sign waivers, etc.

Camping in the Paddock or in the Park

To camp In the Paddock the cost is $25 per night.  Purchase when registering in MSR.  Please note – Paddock camping DOES NOT HAVE SHOWERS OR POWER!

To Camp in the Park contact: 831 242 8200   Use the link below to view the facility camping map


The park surrounding the track has numerous camping spots, some with power. There are bathrooms showers and dump facilities.

Gas: Fuel is available at the track. 

Racer/Crew Entry Gate Coordinates:  36.59339022297793, -121.83104243674204

Racer/Crew Entry Gate Directions:  To pick up or purchase your wristbands, use the South Boundary Road entrance which is located off General Jim Moore Blvd on Highway 218.  It will be open Wednesday July 14 and Thursday July 15 from 8am to 8pm.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 5pm.  Wednesday entrance is limited to AHRMA officials and Sponsors.  Once you have a wristband, you can use the main entrance off Highway 68.

Main Gate Coordinates:  36.57060039848635, -121.76193089173202

Main Gate Track Address:  1021 Monterey Salinas Highway, Salinas, CA 93908

Concessions: Yes.

Website: https://www.weathertechraceway.com/